English for Speakers of Other Languages

English for Speakers of Other Languages Classroom

English for Speakers of Other Languages(ESOL)/English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction is provided on year-rround basis. Classes are offered in the daytime, evenings, or Saturdays. Classes are offered at both our campuses. Students are placed into one of three levels English coursework depending on their English proficiency.  Focus is on English Communicative skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing - in order to increase students' interpersonal communications skills, decision-making skills, and problem-solving skills.  

The RI Works ESL/Job Readiness Program is for students who have been referred by the Department of Human Services or the DIIRI Refugee Resettlement Department. Most participants enter with reading levels between 0 and 3rd grade and are provided with instruction in English language skills contextualized around a job readiness curriculum.

Citizenship Preparation Classes combine ESL and literacy instruction with citizenship content-based education for students who meet the eligibility requirements for the naturalization exam.

For more information on English and Citizenship classes call (401) 784-8602 or email admissions@diiri.org