WorkFORCE Readiness

Our Programs

Lydia Gomes, a participant for our Workplace Readiness program

Our curriculum is aligned with the Equipped for the Future Framework (EFF) for adult literacy and lifelong learning. This includes 16 skills that every self-sufficient adult needs. We offer:

Career Academy – This integrated program includes academics, general customer service training, computer training, and job readiness (or “soft skills”). Each student has a case manager and meets regularly with our job developer. We offer two possible tracks, Medical Interpreting Training and Introduction to Entrepreneurship.

  • Medical Interpreting: Students receive 8 weeks of intensive classroom training in medical interpreting followed by a 2-week internship (20 hours). The purpose of the program is to train bilingual people to become professional medical interpreters. In the course, the participants learn about the health care interpreting profession, language & communication, professional ethics, health care systems, culture, medical interpreting protocols, message conversion, modes of interpretation, cultural brokering, mental health, HIPAA, job readiness (resume, cover letter, reference, and job searching strategies), professionalism, and customer service. The course is  run by our in-house interpreting and translating business, Pinpoint Translation, Rhode Island's premiere translation service. Participants who successfully complete the classroom training, internship, and pass a written and oral exam receive a certificate of completion. 

Prerequisites to join program:

o    18 years or older

o    Minimum HS diploma/GED

o    Fluency in a second language

o    TABE test results: 10th grade or higher

o    Eligibility to work in the U.S.

o    BCI

o    Pass interview

o    Willingness to learn

o    Passion for interpreting

How to gain admissions into the program:

Step 1: Register for TABE test- please call  (401) 784-8627  to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Step 2: Interview- (only for applicants who score at 10th grade or higher)

Please provide evidence of:

·         HS diploma

·         GED

·         BCI

·         Eligibility to work in U.S.

·         Second language proficiency

For more information please call our admissions office at 401-784-8602 or