Employment Services

Through the Employment Services department, we connect refugees, asylees, immigrants, and other jobseekers to local and regional job opportunities while assisting them to reach their long-term career goals through comprehensive career planning and skills training.

Services are available to all of our clients (by appointment only).

We follow a rigorous process to empower, coach, and prepare jobseekers to gain greater access to opportunities and to create a pathway toward economic prosperity and self-sufficiency. We are committed to building on the strength of the state’s diversity and invest in our jobseekers for a stronger and more connected community. We welcome all those who are working to overcome cultural, educational, economic, and language barriers.

We provide customer-centered and strengths-based services to help jobseekers understand the American labor market and develop the skills that they need to gain employment and advance in their careers.

Programs and services include:
· Resume writing
· Interviewing techniques
· Understanding job applications
· Job search assistance
· Work readiness
· Career interest profiling
· Skill assessments
· Foreign credential evaluation
· Skills matching and transferability
· Understanding the American labor market and work culture
· Industry trends
· Occupation targeting
· Computer literacy
· Workforce development and skills training
· Post-placement retention support
· Career mentors
· Career exploration workshops
· Job and career fairs
· Professional guest speakers
· Networking events
· And more!

Our relationships with local employers ensure that we have access to current job opportunities in a variety of industries. The Employment Services department connects with local and regional employers to discuss open positions, skill requirements, literacy and education levels, and the credentials that are necessary for a jobseeker to be successful in open positions. We work with our employer partners to identify opportunities for job shadowing, field experiences, internships, apprenticeships, and part-time and full-time employment. Our assessment process allows us to refer the best candidates to our employer partners based on a skills-based job matching process.

Contact the Employment Services Team

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with Employment Services staff to discuss your employment goals, please call 401-784-8685 or email es@diiri.org. A member of the Employment Services team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Elena Taborda | Education and Career Pathways Lead | Languages: English, Russian

Boaz Katina | Employment Counselor | Languages: English, Swahili

Yamillete Reynoso | Employment Counselor | Languages: English, Spanish

Nagwa Saed | Employment Counselor | Languages: English, Arabic

Savannah DaCruz | Employment Counselor | Languages: English, Spanish

If you are the owner/manager of a business and are interested in partnering with Dorcas International to hire eligible applicants, please contact:

Jenn Wek | Employer Relations Developer | Languages: English, Spanish | jwek@diiri.org | 401-952-4422

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