Board of Directors

We are grateful for our current board members who give their time, talent and dedication to the mission of Dorcas International. Our members represent a wide range of professions in fields such as business, human services, and education, which allow them to utilize their experiences and expertise to help grow Dorcas International’s programs, services, and overall outreach.


Dan Gorriaran – President

Michael Gillerlane – Vice President

April Chase-Lubitz – Vice President

Robert Kemp – Secretary

Robin Warde – Assistant Secretary

Diego Rodriguez – Treasurer

Margaret Meany – Assistant Treasurer


Board of Directors

Anne Maxwell Livingston

Apurv Gupta

Brian Powrie

Dan Gorriaran

Eileen Kwesiga

Francis Darigan, Jr.

Irene Nerney

Madan Annavarjula

Margaret Meany

Mark Ross

Philomena Teixeira

Ralph Posner

Raymond B. Malm

Rob English

Rosangela Taveras

William Twaddell


If you are interested in learning more about our Board or can possibly volunteer your time and talent, contact us at


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