Our 100+ full and part-time staff members at Dorcas International are passionate about the work they do. Our team, comprised of those who believe in social justice, equality, and the acceptance of all newcomers, works tirelessly every week to make sure that our vital programs and services are available, accessible, and beneficial to the people we serve.

Here is a brief overview of what they do:

Our teachers instruct courses for English learning, job readiness, GED prep, family literacy, etc.; Our staff attorneys and caseworkers work one-on-one with clients, providing legal services and representation for Citizenship and Immigration; Our financial, development, and communications teams indirectly work together to make sure funds are available to fuel our work and that the community is up-to-date about our programs and services; The Refugee Resettlement and Case Management department helps place refugees in new homes and helps them to assimilate into their new environment; And the Pinpoint Translation Services team provides services for translating in 85+ languages and interpreting in 60+ languages.

There are also several other positions, roles, and duties within the agency that are essential to upholding Dorcas International’s daily mission to serve and to help.


Fast Facts about our amazing and diverse staff:

93% of our employees speak at least two languages

14% of current employees are past clients of Dorcas International

41% of our employees are foreign born

Several of our staff members speak up to five languages!

Most popular languages spoken in addition to English: Spanish & Portuguese

Least popular languages spoken: Russian & Catalan

Our staff members represent five different continents!

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