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It takes a diverse community to build and develop the strengths of individuals. At Dorcas International, we rely on multiple levels of support, from dedicated volunteers and interns to mentors who help our clients get the most out of our services.

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Current Opportunities:

All opportunities are available to those 18 years of age and older. Please note that placement is on a needs basis and may not be immediate. Many opportunities may require a minimum commitment of three to six months.

Current Opportunities

Categories of Service:

Volunteers play a critical role in providing individual, small group, and project-based support to our program to help participants succeed. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, working as tutors, classroom aids, refugee mentors, and providing immigration and citizenship support. We also offer group opportunities and work with multiple colleges and universities to provide meaningful and high-quality internship experiences for students.

Interns play a critical role at Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island, and we make sure to provide the individual with the attention and tools that our program participants require to succeed. During their time here, interns will receive a unique and enriching experience providing support to staff and clients. The intern will be supervised by a staff member who will provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure that they are fully engaged. Internships are unpaid positions. However, we are pleased to work with students interested in pursuing an internship for academic credit. Students may choose to work during the summer, during school, or even year-round. There is a minimum commitment of 6 months for academic-year internships and a minimum commitment of 3 months for summer internships. Both schedules require a minimum of 10 hours per week. However, there is ample flexibility in scheduling internship hours.

Refugee/Unaccompanied Minor Mentors help a mentee navigate and adjust to life in the United States and provide exposure to and assistance with English language-learning. The mentor provides an additional source of support to the mentee while not getting involved with casework.

Career Mentors assist mentee(s) in navigating and adjusting to various career fields within the United States. They share their expertise and provide guidance, motivation, and emotional support to one or several foreign-born residents of RI participating in Dorcas International Career Mentor-Mentee Program. All program participants are trying to get on a career pathway in the United States, their new home country. They don’t just want a job—they want a career. Some of these individuals are skilled and highly educated, some are not. Most participants know exactly what they want to do for work. Some, however, may need guidance.

Skill-based or group volunteer opportunities vary depending on agency/departmental needs. We take the time to ensure it is a beneficial and rewarding experience for both you and us here at Dorcas International. We are open to new ideas and projects and will discuss different opportunities upon initial conversations. We ask that you provide us with more information such as specific skills, the project's timeframe, and a general proposal. Project-based proposals must be submitted 3 months in advance.

Event-based or as-needed volunteers are needed when opportunities arise, such as organization events. We contact all volunteers who have indicated they are available at that time and are interested in that type of opportunity.

Internship Deadlines

Submit resume and cover letter for internships:
Spring Term: January
Summer Term: June
Fall Term: September

For additional information or questions, you can reach out to us directly at:

Email Us: diirivolunteerservices@diiri.org
Call Us: 401-784-8761

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